Winter donations – Charity X

Winter donations – Charity X

Charity X is a product of Area X. It focuses on the human side of what Area X stands for, in creating hope through a Culture. Apart from the events and shows, Area X generates much-needed resources like money, clothes, bedding, and many more that are donated and given, by individuals, teams/groups or companies, and organizations.

Winter is upon us, and there are of those who have nothing to warm themselves. Charity X is dedicated to aiding in gathering all warm material be it in the form of; blankets, clothes, or cash deposit donation. The plan is for us to make a change in people’s lives than be seated and not think of our fellow human beings.


DATE: 3rd June 2021
VENUE: TransNamib Railway Parking
TIME: 18:00 to 20:00

Create hope, by sharing love.

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