Small Effort
Make Big Change.
Volunteers do not necessarily have the time they just have the heart.
Better World
For All Children
Help people affected by disasters big and small Welcome to Charity-X
New Hope For Near Future Volunteers do not necessarily have the time
they just have the heart.

Together to help the world better!

Please help us change lives around our communities.
help the world better

Future Campaigns

As this is a whole new direction Area X is taking to be a positive change in the lives and communities. Here are some of the local town projects:

How To Help?

Search Donations
Search Donations
Most of the time the people that are in so much need, are the ones right next to us. Looking to make a difference, start there.
Donations and Sponsorships are the most common ways for any charity or aid organisation to be able to function and assist.
Love is what makes it possible for us to function. Our team works tirelessly, helping most battle life with a little bit of love.
Save The Earth
Save The Earth
Our Planet is also in need of care and love. We not only look at our communities, but at our home as well, and caring for it is everyone's job.

Latest Campaigns

Joining Hands To Help The Need

Some outstanding activities

Creating activities and events are forms from which we at Area X generate funds to complete our communal projects and assist with small donations.
Have more fundraising & charity ideas!

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Discover what’s possible when a community pulls together.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but a lot is achieved when a community or society stands together in a common goal, a vision or cause. Working with together to enrich, empower and educate our communities will strengthen a counrty in a whole.
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